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The "Missing Intelligence" in Sales Intelligence

Sales intelligence is powered by data. Inaccurate data paralyzes the most sophisticated CRMs and automation platforms on the market. Download our write-up to learn how Data Decay might be costing you millions.

What this White Paper Offers

How Data Decay Weakens your Business

Once you understand the magnitude of data decay and how it impacts revenue, you’ll be better prepared to fight it.

The Missing “Intelligence” in Sales Intelligence

Sales intelligence tools collect data but don’t achieve real intelligence, which is defined as, “the capacity for learning, reasoning and understanding.”

The Impact on Revenue

These issues can negatively impact any team who is focused on driving revenue by using data and analytics.

Solutions for Data Decay

The need for hands-on training will persist, so solutions that can address lead quality and quantity automatically have great ROI potential.

Things to Consider

Automation is a powerful tool for improving business in terms of productivity, cost savings, customer management and more.

The Prospectify Difference

Your sales intelligence solution needs to empower sales, marketing and customer success teams with a reliable and trusted system for contact and firmographic data.

What Our Customers Say

We help salespeople spend less time worrying about research and data entry and more time on high-value sales activities and desired outcomes.

The key to outside sales in the “Information Age” is about being connected to the right person at the right time. Prospectify will get you one step closer to connecting with your target customer.

Make your CRM Smart Again

Sales Intel you need to save you hours of unnecessary research.