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All Our Data Are Belong To You

Ever since we have been in this business, we have thought about data differently - that data is supposed to help people be more human, leveraging AI & Machine Intelligence to promote this behavior and connect people in meaningful ways.

Prospectify automates and implements sales strategy for fast growing companies; companies that have defined and are ready to scale their sales process. Behind our intelligent automation platform and machine learning systems sits over 15 Terabytes of data under constant change. This data is leveraged to deliver exactly the right target to the right rep at the right time. As of yesterday, it sat privately within our systems. Today, that changes.

We launched  Prospectify Free Search which gives unlimited access to all of our raw data on over 10M companies and around 100M contacts for free.

Why, You Ask?

Our platform automates and implements sales strategy for fast growing companies, but we run into many companies that are simply not ready to fully automate their targeting & sales process because they are still unsure of what that process really is. Until today, we turned those people away to platforms that removed ability for them to target and pushed them to download un-targeted lists.

We are providing one of our most valuable assets to more companies, for free, because everyone should have access to data that can make them more successful and create meaningful relationships with their customers.

We do not see benefit in simply selling you an extra 1,000 names on a list. Rather, we aim to send you to the right 100 people - an audience you KNOW needs your product. It's about connecting people that didn't know they needed to be connected and creating symbiotic relationships. This is done by having relevant data that is important to you and your company to make more effective, human outreach. Data volume doesn't solve this problem.

To better understand why we are releasing our data, you must first understand what we feel are some of the problems in the sales space, which leads into why Prospectify exists.

The Problem with our Space

Data is no longer an innovation. Pioneers before us have created some truly unique things, what ZoomInfo did in 2000 with email processing, what LinkedIn and JigSaw (very differently) did in 2003 with crowd-sourcing, what DiscoverOrg did in 2006 with human-based validation and the list can go on.

But it's 2019!

The “innovation” over the last decade has been companies LIMITING access to data, adding paywalls to search fields, lowering the ability to connect with the right people and otherwise forcing sales into bad practices.

This industry has created a false sense of scarcity that is pushing people toward grabbing more data and trying to increase the amount of outreach, and not increase the amount of thoughtful research and targeting.

The challenge does not lie in getting the data itself, the challenge lies in how you use the data.

With the proliferation of dumb-automation, companies have been deluded into thinking they can double their revenue by doubling the number of outbound emails sent. In 2019, un-targeted automated mass outreach can lead customers to not simply ignore you, but turn off indefinitely. The risk proposition of trying to grab more data and not the right data has never been higher.

Prospectify exists to make data dynamic by being a layer of Intelligence on top of static data, on top of the CRM, so that as things change, your conversations change and relationships advance. We give reps the time and confidence to focus on creating value with customers.

Is it Really Free?

Yes, we only ask that if you are downloading contact information, you authorize it with your email account to A). prove you are not a bot and abusing this free resource, and B). we leverage this to track changes through signature detection to keep our information up to date.

So now what?

Search for the people you need, research with the data we provide, go connect with and create value for your customers.

If you run a Sales team, have a process and are ready to automate and scale, we'd love to chat!