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Some Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make money?

Clean valid data is an input in our core offering, we are incentivized to lower this cost industry wide as our main offering does not charge for data. We help companies scale sales process and implement prospecting/targeting/data cleanup which uses data but it is included unlimited in all our offerings.

Is it really unlimited/free?

Yes, you can manually prospect as much as you want whenever you need. If manual prospecting works for you (ie. this product) then you will never be charged. If you'd like to learn more about what we do charge for [automating your sales process], checkout

Can I search by "X"?

Feel free to ask, but we still store a lot of data that we do not release publicly as it would compete with our partners, like technologies.

Why do you ask for email access?

As a trade for the free access to contacts data, we leverage email signature data as additional stream of data to help with validation.

Do you have an API / bulk export?

No, sorry this is meant for one-off research and prospecting and not API consumption.

How are you different from other data providers?

We are free forever. No credit system, no hard limit on searching, no "freemium" offerings. What you see is what you get!