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We believe that the lack of access to data and targeting tools should not push people into bad sales habits. For those that are not ready for our full-automation platform and/or simply want to do research to have a better sales call, we are releasing access to our over 15TB of data for free.

Why are we releasing our data?

Over the last decade, innovation in the Sales Intelligence space entailed limiting access to data, adding paywalls to search fields, pushing non-intelligent automation as a means to grow revenue, and thus lowering the ability to connect with the right people.

We believe having data isn't the most important thing, it's how you use the data. And with this mantra, we want to help all companies properly target, do research and create value for their customers. Click here to read more about why we're doing this. Or read some frequently asked questions.

Don't believe us? Try it for yourself!

  • So what does Prospectify actually do?

    Prospectify Automates the process of what your reps do automatically, constantly, and pushes it directly into your CRM. Enabling them to have the time to focus on creating actual value with their customers.

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