Avoid Crippling Data Decay

According to industry standards, data decay inside your CRM can be 30-70% annually. This can paralyze revenues and add hours of research to your sales team’s week. We can help!

More Revenue, Better Decisions, & Valid Forecasting

Without a always-on CRM cleanup process in place, you’re not able to maximize your revenue potential. Prospectify will ensure that your CRM data is accurate and up-to-date.

Our customers love us!

Our users reduce the time spent on research and data-entry by 20 hours per week. This means less time hunting around the web to complete lead records, and more time closing deals.

Custom Field Mapping

You can custom map every data point Prospectify offers. Want the technographics profile, but not interested in fundraising information. No sweat! Want business model and not annual revenue. That’s fine too!

Verify the Phone Numbers in Your CRM

From integrations with carriers to caller ID verifications, as well as, social media and previous usage mappings, you can take these phone numbers to the bank.

Persistent Auto-Enrichment

With continuous enrichment, your sales and marketing teams can take a breather and let Prospectify do the legwork. This feature enables quicker scoring and qualifying, critical context, and timely alerts of crucial trigger events.