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I’m thrilled to let everyone know that we’ve partnered with SalesLoft and integrated Prospectify with Cadence. This one is super cool for me because Kyle and I have known each other professionally for several years, and I’ve long admired his hustle. To add to it, I met a good portion of his team at Rainmaker ‘16 and couldn’t say enough about how pleasant, dedicated, and sharp they are.

If you’re not already aware, Cadence is a platform for sales development teams that includes email + phone + data. The platform allows you to integrate sales communication for email tracking and sales calls to track all communication activities in one platform, and use engagement to trigger your next activity.

What we like most about SalesLoft’s efforts is their focus on ABSD or Account Based Sales Development, and their focus on personalization at scale. It’s something we preach a lot at Prospectify, and it made for an ideal fit for us.


Let me show you what I mean, and how it works.

After prospecting someone via Prospectify, you don’t just get a verified email address and social profiles. You also get things like connections you have in common with your prospect, other skills, and interests of your prospect, as well as other professional organizations they belong to. And, all of these can become custom fields to push to Cadence.


Contact Details View for SalesLoft


So, think about it. With one click of a star next to a name, you can personalize your emails at scale by mentioning someone you both know.

So, how do you set it up? It’s super easy.

From your Prospectify portal, you can simply click the integrations tab in the left sidebar and click “connect” next to SalesLoft. From there it’s just a simple oAuth integration.


Integrations featuring SalesLoft


Next, you’ll want to map all of your custom fields, so you can take advantage of all the intelligence Prospectify provides. You only have to do this once!
Now you’re free to push any or all of your prospects/campaigns to SalesLoft. You simply select which campaign in SalesLoft you’d like to map it to and you’re off and lofting!

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  1. Kraig

    Super exciting stuff. Sounds like a great partnership.

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