Prospectify has Joined the Techstars 2017 Cohort

The “highly encouraged” silence has been difficult (at best), but we are now excited and proud to announce that Prospectify has joined the Techstars 2017 cohort. We view this for exactly what it is: an incredible opportunity for us to take Prospectify to the next level. We can say with certainty that we are here because of the incredible dedication of our team. With a < 1% acceptance rate, the odds were not “forever in our favor.” With the extremely judicious application process and world-renowned program, Techstars has reversed the trends of tech-startup survivability. What’s traditionally a 92% failure rate, Techstars has a proven track record of a > 90% survival rate (still operating, acquired, or otherwise exited).

Prospectify has joined the Techstars 2017 Cohort
Prospectify has joined the Techstars 2017 Cohort in Austin.

We were already excited for 2017, the capabilities we are launching in the Prospectify platform have been game-changing internally, and we hope to help other sales teams as much as it has helped ours. We continue to strive toward our mission of helping outbound salespeople:

  1. Connect to the right people
  2. At the right companies
  3. With the right message
  4. At the right time.

With our new releases and the mentorship provided by Techstars, we’re confident we’ll get to that point and beyond, faster, in 2017.

A big thank you to our families, both of us are only here because of their support. Moving out of state for months in pursuit of advancing our company to further help our customers is something we will forever be grateful to our incredible wives and children.

Also, our hats are off to our team. We hope this recognition from Techstars, conveys a well-deserved acknowledgment for their hard work toward our collective goals. So, thank you to Damian, Tiffany, and Kraig as well. We know we couldn’t be here without you being great teammates and executing the way you have.

Here’s to a better outbound sales experience for everyone AND less spam in 2017!

Noah & Matt

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