RevOps Metrics for SaaS Companies and VCs

RevOps is the opposite of functional silos. It’s the alignment of sales, marketing (and DemandGen if separated from Marketing), and customer success (and support if separated from success). Tracking RevOps metrics, a particular subset of SaaS metrics, is the best way to identify problems and fix them. And the greatest weapon […]

The 4 Cornerstones of RevOps

RevOps is the opposite of functional silos. It’s the alignment of sales, marketing, and customer success. SaaS companies vary in structure. Different departments with different responsibilities, fluctuating headcounts, even KPIs are calculated differently. SaaS companies also move fast, break things and don’t suffer from corporate paralysis. This makes collaboration possible […]

High-Level View of RevOps

How a RevOps-Centered Approach Can Fuel Growth

Venture Capitalist David Skok said the success of SaaS startups is determined by three simple keys: Acquiring Customers Retaining Customers Monetizing Customers Being successful with all three is not simple – thousands of speeches, books, blogs, and workshops attempt to solve the complex problems surrounding these keys. Startup founders and […]

SalesLoft and Prospectify Partner

I’m thrilled to let everyone know that we’ve partnered with SalesLoft and integrated Prospectify with Cadence. This one is super cool for me because Kyle and I have known each other professionally for several years, and I’ve long admired his hustle. To add to it, I met a good portion […]

8 Steps to mitigating sales meeting no-shows

Sales meeting no-shows. It happens. As seasoned sales professionals, we know it happens. Many organizations even bake in a percentage of no-shows into their sales metrics. Often we spend hours preparing and researching for a big call, only to hop onto your meeting/screen share software and just … wait. Five […]

Reply and Prospectify Integration

I’m happy to announce our latest integration with Reply (also commonly known as ReplyApp). If you don’t know about them, you should. Similar to other sales email automation tools, ReplyApp enables you to design a series of personalized emails with automatic follow-ups i.e. a drip. ReplyApp allows you (as a salesperson) […]

20 Sales Email Calls-to-Action that Work

I’m a devout believer in using email to set up calls. In my time consulting between startups, I spent an unusually large amount of time with my clients tweaking their email copy. The importance of email subject lines is well documented. Email subject lines are critical in order to ensure […]