Data Decay Might be Costing You Millions

There’s one thing, and only one thing, sales and marketing pros agree on about data decay – it happens. The frequency, impact, and prevention methods are debated. Some articles claim the average CRM data decays at least 30 percent annually (2.5 percent per month). Others say the rate is around […]

Cold Calling: Cornerstone of Sales interviewed a diverse group of sales leaders and asked, “Should B2B cold calling be part of the modern tech sales playbook?” Every respondent acknowledged cold calling has not been replaced. There are just more options and more research that need to be done before the call. The most emphatic […]

Prospectify Filters for Enterprise SaaS Sales

Grant Miller, Founder of Replicated, created guides with the hope of changing the narrative around enterprise, SaaS sales. From “how to sell to the enterprise” to “how to build for the enterprise.” SaaS builders and thinkers have surely felt the pressure to sell enterprise deals at some point in their […]

Can Your CMO be Sales-Focused?

In previous decades, such as the 1960’s depicted in Mad Men, sales were earned with simple creativity, gut instincts, and lavish dinners. This was the time to be a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Today, CMO has been called the most dangerous title around. After all, Don Draper never had to […]

How to Qualify Leads with Technology

Lead qualifying is ancient. Aristotle’s modes of persuasion (ethos, pathos, and logos) can be interpreted as steps of the sales process today i.e. ethos = establishing authority. Lead nurturing and scoring is the natural evolution of the process. And should be standard protocol.   The 2017 Demand Generation Benchmark Survey […]