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We help sales teams close deals faster.

Eliminate all time spent in data tools/providers.

Automatically prospect the exact best contacts for every account directly in CRM.

Know in real-time when contacts leave and generate net-new opportunities.

Automate ICP Targeting
Track Job Changes
Industry Best Quality SLA
Automated & Perpetual

You hired your reps to sell, dont pay them to use other tools.

Have it done for you, dont make your reps do it!

Eliminate all the tools that take away from reps selling.
Prospectify automatically runs your entire sales targeting and research process, and hand delivers this data directly in the CRM.

  • Dynamically find the right contact for each company

    Implement your existing sales strategy, done automatically, scalably and delivered inside your CRM.

  • Automatically clean all data in the CRM

    Data is the lifeblood of your organization, prospectify keeps everything in the CRM current, clean and updated automatically.

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BDR/SDRs only spend 40% of their time talking to customers.
With Prospectify, make it 100%.

Have all research, targeting & prospecting done for you. Give your team exactly what they need to at all times inside your CRM.

Everything your Reps Need Right Where They Work

Have the right contact for each specific company.

Director of event Marketing at a Fortune 500 or the CEO @ a startup, find exactly the right contacts for each persona you have automatically.

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Never miss someone involved in the Buying Decision

Research has found that on average over 5 people at a company now have to formally sign off on each B2B purchase. Don't stall sales by not giving reps the contacts they need to close the deal.

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Know when a Contact Leaves before the Sale is Lost

3-6% of B2B contacts turnover every month. Don't wait until for someone to tell you a contact has left mid-buying decision. Give your reps the advantage and prepare them before the email finally bounces.

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Turn Contact Churn into a Net-New Opportunity

Instead of a contact leaving turning into a "-1" turn it into a "+2". Know where contacts your have built rapport with go, and target them at their new company during the first months of their job.

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Eliminate tools. No more logins. No platforms. Nothing extra.

Your team will never have to leave your CRM again. They will have everything they need right where they work, instantly, continuously and automatically.

How Prospectify Benefits your Sales Team

Active Contact Cleanup

Never be caught off-guard. Validate the contact still works at the company, the contact info is still accurate, and more. Automatically, every month forever!

Automated Account Enrichment

Never make decisions on faulty data! Constantly running account enrichment means you are always prepared.

Automated Contact Enrichment

Enable social selling, personalized reachout and more without your team ever leaving your CRM!