B2B Sales Data Leader

From building out your pipeline of leads to cleaning up your CRM data, Prospectify is the only solution that auto-updates right where you work.

Our Customers Love Us!

Our users reduce the time spent on research and data-entry by 20 hours per week. This means less time hunting around the web to complete lead records, and more time closing deals.

The Most Accurate Account & Contact Data

Helping You Target Decision Makers

With more than 500,000 updates per day and a rigorous just-in-time buyer persona confirmation algorithm spanning hundreds of millions of decision makers, you are guaranteed to spend less time researching or entering data and more time creating opportunities and selling.

Find the right contacts you need, in the right amounts, with your ideal order of priority:

  • Confirmed titles, email addresses, and direct dials
  • A capped quantity of contacts per account
  • Follow job hoppers when they join other companies
  • And more!

Leading Account Data On 10M+ Companies

With Prospectify, we'll help you narrow down the companies that match your ICP before targeting decision-makers, ensuring you have the best outreach to close conversion rate.

Some example parameters:

  • Business model
  • Industries/Sectors
  • Technologies they use
  • Geography
  • Employee count or annual revenue

Prospectify for Your CRM

Never leave home without it. Prospect new leads inside your CRM, discover new direct dials, or re-verify email addresses. Always have intel where you want it and when you need it. No CRM admin permissions required.

Turnkey Bilateral CRM Integrations

Coordinate from all sides with Prospectify! Prospectify continuously enriches and updates all of the data we push to your CRM for as long as we do business together. And, included with our solutions is Job Hopper ID, so you can continue to market and sell to those targets that change jobs.
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