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Prospectify helps salespeople spend more time with the prospects that are going to close.

Find the Right B2B Sales Prospect at the Right Company at the Right Time Find the Right B2B Sales Prospect at the Right Company at the Right Time

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Our goal is to save you time so you can focus on what matters most - closing the deal. See what our customers are saying now that they have more free time.


I just did in one hour using Prospectify for the first time, what it took me an entire week to do previously.

The Prospectify Promise

Prospectify’s platform and unparalleled search data allows you to create insanely targeted B2B lead lists and personalized outreach campaigns in just minutes.

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Industry Integrations

No more retrofitting makeshift solutions or losing prospects in your funnel. Prospectify easily integrates with your existing sales tools so you never lose a lead.

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Prospectify integrates with Hubspot, Salesforce, Reply.io, Salesloft Cadence and Pipedrive

The Prospectify Advantage

Less painful outreach.

Using our “secret sauce," Prospectify provides you with personalized, actionable insights, making B2B outbound sales less painful for both sides.

Widen your sales database.

With Prospectify, the web is your B2B lead database. Just tell us who you’re looking for and we’ll find them for you - FAST.

Save time and money.

Prospectify’s competitive sales intelligence platform helps you maximize productivity and minimize wasted time, making your life easier and your day more productive.

Verified data.

Prospectify provides quality B2B contact info that leads to sales. We provide data that you can count on, reducing bounce rates so you can get the right message to the right person at the right time.

No learning curve.

Prospectify’s browser extension and intuitive interface allows for easy onboarding and adoption for you and your team so you can automate the B2B sales process.

One login.

Filter by data points on 10M+ companies and find the relevant contacts and verified contact info using a single login. Goodbye spreadsheets and forgotten passwords!

Take control of your B2B sales success.

Elevate your B2B sales game, and become a master of your domain.